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about me

I'm constantly changing my perspective on purpose.


Hi! I’m Mary Beth Thomas and I appreciate you checking out this space! I know the importance of a click of a thumb and am thrilled that I piqued your interest. So let’s get right down to the point.

Background: I am self taught in photography, cinematography and graphic design. I have 14 years of experience working in advertising agencies, running marketing departments and have owned this business for 2 years now. My experience with both international and local brands has given me a wealth of knowledge that I am ready to share with you. 

Philosophy: I think that all marketing efforts should have a return on your investment. The return may not always be monetary, but you should be benefiting from it. If you are investing in content, that content should have a strategy. We all need pretty photos and videos to share with the world, but what is the purpose of it? What do you want in return? My clients and I have a clear strategy on everything that we create.

Extra info: Bodies of water make me happy. When I'm not working, you can find me in or near the water, out on the boat, taking pictures of pelicans, mentoring young creatives, fishing, trying a new recipe, traveling or gazing up at the oak trees from my back porch.

I believe in positive attitudes, hard work, collaborative environments and mutual support. If there is anything that I can help you with, I would love the opportunity to try.